Why choose dental implants?

Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems for patients, from lost bone to changes in the bite and gum recession. When left untreated, missing teeth not only disrupt daily life but also cause complex problems that can become both difficult and costly to fix later on.Why choose dental implants in Bethesda Maryland?

Washington DC top dentists Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow recommend replacing missing teeth right away for the best result and to avoid additional problems.

Whenever appropriate, Dr. Eskow will recommend affordable dental implants to patients who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants offer many benefits for both dental health and overall health and provide a tooth replacement that closely mimics a natural tooth.

  • Reduce bone loss: after a tooth is lost, the root disintegrates and bone begins to shrink, often changing the shape and appearance of the jaw over time
  • Natural appearance: dental implants are custom colored and fit to blend with remaining teeth
  • Allow normal eating and speaking: unlike dentures or removable appliances, dental implants are firmly secured into the jaw bone and will not slip or fall out
  • No daily maintenance: there is no need for the daily use of adhesives- routine dental care with Dr. Eskow will keep your implant in good shape
  • High satisfaction rate: dental implants have an over 95% success rate among current patients!

If you have lost a tooth, or several teeth, come in for a consultation with one of the highly trained dentists at Bethesda Dental Implant Center. Both Dr. Roy and Dr. Adam Eskow have years of post graduate education in the fields of dental implantology and periodontology and they can recommend the best treatment plan to address your concerns and goals.

A comfortable, functioning smile is the foundation of a good quality of life, especially for adult and senior patients. Keep yours looking its best!