Smile Gallery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Randi is an elementary school teacher. Randi came to us trying to save her teeth. Years of grinding resulted in a short and flat appearance. We performed periodontal plastic surgery so that Randi was able to save her teeth and get a more youthful smile.






Dental Implants Before & After

Mary loves to laugh, but she doesn’t like the gray metal showing when she smiles. With dental implants we were able to give her a smile she was thrilled with and get rid of her partial denture.


Dental Implants & Corrective Gum Lift

Lucy came to us saying, “My mouth is falling apart”. She wanted a healthy smile that would be with her for a long time. With a combination of dental implants and corrective gum lifts, Lucy is now able to have teeth that are more stable and esthetic.

Gummy Smile

Nancy called our office looking for help from a specialist. For years she was aware of her smile appearing “gummy”. With a 90 minute corrective surgical procedure we were able to give her a natural looking smile that she is so happy with.