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Welcome to the Bethesda Dental Implant Center. We proudly serve patients in Bethesda, MD, and many local communities. As general dentists and periodontists, our team works with patients to restore and replace teeth after damage and loss.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Yousefi, Dr. Roy Eskow, and our team have served patients with comprehensive periodontal and implant dentistry treatments. What sets the Bethesda Dental Implant Center apart from other periodontists in the Bethesda area, is his passion for excellence and patient-focused care.

At the Bethesda Dental Implant Center, we offer a complete range of treatment options for patients with missing teeth, gum disease, and cosmetic dentistry concerns. Our team works with our patients on a personal basis to better understand their dental needs and tailor a comprehensive treatment that is designed to suit their unique needs.

Highly Experienced Bethesda Area Dentists

In periodontics, having the latest dental technology is simply not enough. Bethesda Dental Implant Center strives to offer the highest level of service and the most advanced treatment options available. Our dentists are committed to ongoing training and education and belong to numerous professional dental organizations.

We are proud to have one of the most friendly and highly trained dental teams in the Bethesda area. Our entire staff is dedicated to making sure your visit is truly exceptional. We will guide you through each appointment and explain your treatment options so that you can make the most informed decisions about your dental health.

Our staff will assist with all of your dental financing, treatment options, dental insurance, and billing needs to ensure that you make the most of your benefits.

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Full-Service Dental Implants in Bethesda, MD

As a full-service dental practice, we offer a complete range of implant dentistry services. Whether you are missing one or several teeth, we can work with you to restore your missing teeth and promote a healthier smile. After a comprehensive dental examination, we can determine which dental implant service best suits your needs.

Implant Dentistry Services:

  • Single Tooth Implants
  • Multiple Teeth Implants
  • Periodontal Grafting
  • Bone Grafting
  • Sinus Lift

Dental implants can help restore function and health to your natural smile. Our experienced dental care team can work with every step of the way to ensure all of your tooth replacement needs are met with care and expertise.

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If you are searching for compassionate, experienced care for missing teeth, gum disease, or cosmetic gum treatment, visit our team at Bethesda Dental Implant Center. Our team is committed to providing exceptional care to each of our patients. We understand that achieving a healthy smile takes personalized care, expertise, and open communication.

If you would like to explore your treatment options, schedule an appointment with our office. To schedule your consultation, contact us, or schedule an appointment online.