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Missing teeth can cause the jaw bone to atrophy, or deteriorate over time. In many cases, this leads to bone loss in the jaw which can cause shifting teeth, changes to your facial structure, gum disease, and additional tooth loss.

Common reasons for bone loss:

  • Dental trauma
  • Prolonged denture wearing
  • Chronic gum/periodontal disease
  • Not replacing missing teeth

Due to advancements in dentistry, there is a wide range of solutions to help increase bone mass and prepare the jaw for implant placement. Our periodontist in Bethesda, MD, can work with you to find the right solution for your smile. We offer a range of comprehensive periodontal services and implant dentistry services to improve your dental health. If you are in need of dental implants, gum disease treatment, sinus lift surgery, or bone grafting, visit our office to explore your options.

Bone Grafting in Bethesda, MD

Bone grafting may be recommended for patients with an inadequate amount of bone structure. In order for dental implants to be placed properly, there needs to be a sufficient amount of healthy bone structure for them to be placed into.  If the bone under the gum is not wide enough,  tall enough, or of insufficient quality, you may need grafting to prepare the bone for the implants. Bone grafting helps prepare the implant site so that implants can be placed and retained successfully.

Bone grafting is an additive procedure. Grafts placed into the jaw are usually human, bovine, and/or porcine materials acquired from high-quality bone banks. In some cases, artificial materials are used. The surrounding bone will grow into the graft, creating a more stable foundation that can be used to support a dental implant.

If you are a candidate for the bone grafting procedure, our team will discuss all aspects of your care to ensure you are fully informed.

Sinus Lift Procedure in Bethesda, MD

A sinus lift is a form of bone grafting procedure. A sinus lift is performed when the volume in the upper portion of the jaw is deemed inadequate to place and retain an implant. If an extensive amount of bone loss occurs, a sinus lift can be performed to lift the sinus floor and promote bone growth.

Reasons for a sinus lift:

  • Missing either a single or multiple teeth in the back of your jaw
  • You are missing teeth due to a health condition
  • Have experienced a significant amount of bone loss in the back of your jaw

During the procedure, the sinus floor is carefully lifted and a portion of the maxillary sinus is filled with bone grafting material which creates a stronger sinus floor, that in turn can be used to properly support a dental implant.

In many cases, a sinus lift is performed prior to implant placement and allowed to properly heal for six to nine months prior to implant placement. In some cases, the sinus lift procedure and implant procedure can be performed at the same time.

The sinus lift procedure makes it possible for patients who were previously not ideal candidates for the implant procedure to now receive dental implants.

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