How Often Should I Schedule Dental Appointments?

Dentists typically suggest that patients visit for an appointment every six months. However, every patient is different and has varying oral health needs. We may ask that you visit more frequently if you require additional treatment or are at high risk of developing oral health problems. Dental appointments are an important part of general dental care in our Bethesda, MD dental office. Patients can easily maintain their oral health with this type of dental care.

Dental Appointment in Bethesda Maryland

Routine Dental Appointments in Bethesda, MD

In our office, we provide multiple services to maintain patients’ oral health and find changes in their smiles:

  • Dental Cleaning: Our dental hygienists provide thorough cleanings to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums. Plaque is a sticky bacterial film that coats the mouth. Over time, if it is not removed, it can harden to form tartar. It can be difficult to remove tartar or calculus at home. However, our hygienists use special tools to remove bacteria buildup from the mouth.
  • Examination and Evaluation: One of our dentists will evaluate your smile after your cleaning. They will examine the teeth, TMJ joints, and soft tissues of the mouth. They will look for bite problems as well as symptoms of oral cancer or gum disease.
  • X-rays: We use digital x-rays that take detailed images of the smile. With these x-rays, we can find problems like gum disease, cavities, wisdom teeth, and unbalanced bites. We also use CBCT scans to prepare for treatments like gum or implant surgery. Detailed x-rays help us see where to place implants or treat our patients.

Patients Review Our Office

Read what our patients have to say about our outstanding staff and high-quality care:

“This is an extremely well-run office with highly professional, friendly staff and updated equipment. I have the basis to make a judgment, having had a vast experience with dentists and dental specialists, and being in the medical profession myself.”

-Wendy R.

“State-of-the-art professional care from an extraordinary and compassionate staff. I actually enjoy my appointments in spite of the fact that I usually hate dental appointments.”

-Carol D.

“The hygienist is the best – spends lots of time with her patients and explains everything patiently and completely. I always feel comfortable and safe there.”

-Marlene B.

Call our Bethesda dental office for high-quality general dental care today at (301) 381-1992. You can also request a dental appointment online. We welcome new patients to our office.