Why Choose Dr. Roy Eskow?

Dr. Roy Eskow is an experienced periodontist who helps patients restore the health of their gums. He has years of experience providing patients with restorative care for missing teeth and gum disease. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Periodontics. In addition, Dr. Eskow is a life member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology. Here you can learn more about Dr. Eskow, his Bethesda, MD dental office, and what patients think of Bethesda Dental Implant Center.

Bethesda, MD dental office

Periodontics and Implant Treatment

With his experienced dental team, Dr. Eskow helps patients with permanent tooth loss or severe gum infections. Dr. Eskow uses expert techniques to remove infected tissue from the mouth and regenerate healthy gum tissue. He offers crown lengthening, tissue regeneration, and deep cleaning treatments for his periodontal patients.

Additionally, Dr. Eskow offers dental implants for patients missing one or more permanent teeth. He also provides sinus lifts and bone grafting services to ensure that patients have enough jaw bone tissue to support one or more implants. Restoring the health of the teeth and gums also restores function and comfort to patients.

Patient Reviews

“It’s always a pleasure going to see Dr. Eskow and his staff. They are the most loyal most professional great human beings that you can ever come across. I’ve been going to Dr. Eskow since I was 20 years old before I had kids. Now that I have three kids and I am still going to him they’re just the sweetest sets of people. I’m always happy with my service. They take really good care of me I just love them so much.”

-Luweesha A.


“Always terrific seeing Dr. Eskow and having him solve my dental problems. He is very thoughtful.”

-Joan R.


“Bethesda Implant Center provides the very best periodontal care and implant expertise ever. The friendliest, most caring, and responsive staff I have ever encountered describes the amazing group comprised of dentists and the support team as well. Kudos to this excellent practice!”

-Denise F.


“Dr. Eskow and the team at Bethesda Dental Implant Center are the best! I come from Leesburg all the way here just because there is nobody better! They have saved my smile more than once!”

-Andrew H.


“Dr. Eskow and his staff have provided us with the most competent and ethical dental care for 25 years.”



“State-of-the-art professional care from an extraordinary and compassionate staff. I actually enjoy my appointments in spite of the fact that I usually hate dental appointments.”

-Carol D.

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Do you need high-quality restorative dental care in Bethesda? Contact Bethesda Dental Implant Center today. New patients can call (301) 200-5222 and current patients may call (301) 493-6200. Feel free to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Eskow today.