Oral Surgery Treatments in Bethesda MD

At Bethesda Dental Implant Center, we offer a variety of oral surgery treatments for patients in Bethesda, MD. These treatments restore and improve the health of the gum and bone tissue. Patients with missing teeth, signs of gum disease, or a gummy smile benefit from comfortable oral surgery. Dr. Roy Eskow helps patients meet their cosmetic and restorative goals with his surgical options. He has years of experience in helping patients preserve their oral health. Here, you can discover how Dr. Eskow’s surgical treatments restore the look and function of the teeth and gum tissue.

Gum Treatments in Bethesda, Maryland

Surgical Treatments

These surgical treatments revitalize the teeth and gums:

  • Gum Lift: Also called a crown lengthening procedure, a gum lift helps patients with gummy smiles. A gummy smile occurs when there is an excess of gum tissue covering the top teeth or shown below the bottom teeth. For a gum lift, Dr. Eskow sculpts the gum line and removes the excess tissue.
  • Gum Grafting: Patients who have receding gums as a result of gum disease will require gum grafting treatment. During this treatment, Dr. Eskow takes healthy gum tissue and covers the tooth roots. Adding healthy gum tissue to receded gums prevents tooth loss, gum or tooth decay, and minimizes tooth sensitivity.
  • Tissue Grafting for Missing Teeth: Dr. Eskow not only places dental implants but also prepares patients for treatment with bone tissue grafting. Bone grafting takes healthy bone from another part of the mouth or even the body. This bone tissue is then placed where needed.
  • Sinus Augmentation: A sinus augmentation is often needed for patients who do not have enough bone tissue to support their dental implants or implant restoration. During this treatment, Dr. Eskow places a tissue or bone graft in areas where the teeth are missing. This helps create a natural contour that would be made by the natural tooth. Sinus augmentations are typically performed after tooth extractions.

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