What Goes Into Your Professional Dental Cleaning?

If you are diligent in your home dental routine, you may wonder: do I really need to keep my scheduled dentist appointments? What is a professional cleaning doing for me that I can’t do myself? While it is true that good home hygiene reduces the urgency of regular visits, scheduling a dental check up every six months is a vital part of preventative dentistry. So what should you expect?

What Goes Into Your Professional Dental Cleaning? Bethesda MD

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Like any other dental practice, a visit to Bethesda Dental Implant Center includes a comprehensive exam and cleaning. The cleaning is more in-depth than most people can manage at home, and your hygienist can reach spots you might not see. The exam is important for catching minor issues such as early decay before they become big ones.

Periodontal Exam

When it comes to long-term dental health, the gums are just as important as the teeth. During your visit we will perform a thorough examination of your gums to ensure that they are showing no signs of disease, inflammation, or recession, all of which can lead to problems including eventual tooth loss.

Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging

Many practices use x-rays to monitor their patients’ teeth, but Dr. Eskow are proud to use the iCat cone beam imaging system. This system is more comfortable for patients than traditional bite wing x-rays, and creates a 3-D scan of the patient’s mouth that is helpful for identifying problems not evident in a traditional x-ray.

Oral Cancer Screening

The prognosis for many oral cancer patients is quite good if the cancer is caught early. This is why Bethesda Dental Implant Center includes an oral cancer screening in every one of our uniquely in-depth dental check-ups. The screening is quick and painless and can help maintain your peace of mind.

TMJ and Occlusal Analysis

The symptoms of TMJ can look a lot like a number of other health problems, so we are sure to regularly screen each patient for potential occlusal issues. It is possible that some problems you see as normal could be attributed to a bad bite.

Consultation with Dr. Eskow

Every dental visit includes a final consultation with Dr. Roy Eskow or Dr. Adam Eskow. They will perform a final check of your mouth, and may review your home dental hygiene routine and suggest areas to improve.

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Have you been avoiding dental visits, either because they seem unnecessary or because of dental anxiety? Consider making Dr. Eskow at Bethesda Dental Implant Center in Bethesda, MD and Washington DC your primary dental health providers. Our routine check-ups are uniquely in-depth, and we offer sedation dentistry for patients suffering from nerves. To schedule your first appointment, contact us online or at (301) 200-5222 (Bethesda) or (202) 644-9679 (Washington DC).