Why You Should Get Screened For Oral Cancer

What Are Some Signs That I May Notice At Home, That May Be Oral Cancer?

These factors may increase your risk of developing oral cancer:

  • Age (People over 40 years of age are more at risk)
  • Smoking or Tobacco Use
  • Heavy Alcohol Use
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Gender (Men are more susceptible than women)
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Excessive sun exposure

There are patients who have at least one of the risk factors mentioned above and are diagnosed with oral cancer. However, they are also patients who don’t possess any of the risk factors and are still diagnosed with oral cancer. So, even if you don’t have any of the factors above, oral cancer screenings are still important in maintaining your overall health.

Oral Cancer Symptoms

When Dr. Eskow does an oral cancer screening, he will look out for the following symptoms:

  • Red / White Patches In Your Mouth
  • Sores or blemishes in the mouth that do not heal
  • A bump or firm spot in the mouth
  • Pain or numbness throughout the mouth

Why Are Oral Cancer Screenings Important?

Early detection can give patients with oral cancer a better chance of finding effective treatment. Approximately 84% of oral cancer cases can be detected early by a doctor or dental health professional. With Dr. Eskow, we have many methods of detecting early signs of oral cancer with the newest, state of the art technology.

Oral Cancer Treatment and Prevention

To help combat oral cancer, it is important that you receive regular oral cancer screenings during your checkups. Dr. Eskow won’t be able to diagnose you during the exam, but he will send a sample of your tissue to a lab to determine if it is cancer.

Once Dr. Eskow receives the lab results confirming oral cancer, they can start to treat cancer before it progresses. Stop by and visit Dr. Eskow’s office today to get screened for oral cancel

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Schedule an appointment with Dr. Eskow for an oral cancer screening in our Washington DC  dentist office. At your appointment, he will do a thorough evaluation of your overall dental health as well as professional teeth cleaning.