Identifying Sleep Apnea in Montgomery County

Snoring may be more than just an annoyance to your partner. Did you know that loud snoring could be an indicator of sleep apnea?

If you frequently wake up feeling groggy or with a headache contact our Bethesda Dental Implant Center. Sleep apnea is a progressive condition that can cause detrimental consequences to your oral and systemic health. Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow offer treatment options for a better nights rest. Dr. Roy and Dr. Adam Eskow offer sleep apnea therapy for their Washington DC area dental patients. Treating sleep apnea early can allow for long-term relief from symptoms and avoid possible health risks. Dr. Eskow have postgraduate training in the field of sleep medicine and understand the health risks associated with treating snoring.

What is obstructive sleep apnea? Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition which causes a patient to stop breathing momentarily during sleep and then resume breathing with a loud snore. During these apnea episodes, patients with OSA are at risk of developing irregular heart rhythms and reduced oxygen flow to vital organs, including the brain.

It is important to identify the signs of sleep apnea.

Patients may not realize or have any memory of what happens to them while they sleep. For this reason, sleep apnea commonly goes undiagnosed for a long time allowing subsequent health concerns to develop. Be sure to report any changes in the way you feel when waking in the morning to your dentist. Snoring can truly be a sign of a serious long-term health risk. Patients also typically wake to gasp for air multiple times a night. Headaches, chronic fatigue, and irritability are also indicators sleep apnea may be present.

sleep apnea treatment in Bethesda MD with Dr. Eskow

If you or someone you love experiences any of the following symptoms, be sure to schedule a sleep apnea consultation at our Bethesda, MD dentist office. Early diagnosis and intervention can help protect the health of the patient.