Before & After Total Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can totally change the appearance of a person’s smile. Advancements in dental technology and restoration materials have made dental treatments more natural looking as well as having increased patient comfort and fit.

Dental implants, periodontal plastic surgery, and gum surgery can improve the health, and aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Bethesda Dental implant Center provides personalized and comprehensive smile makeovers helping patients regain the confidence they need to spread happiness with their beautiful smiles. Dr. Roy and Adam Eskow are highly trained and experienced cosmetic and restorative dentists dedicated to restoring oral health, bite stability, and improving smile aesthetics.

Before & After Smile Makeovers

Here are some real patients of Dr. Eskow’s that are now enjoying beautiful, healthy smiles. These patients received different periodontal services that improved their oral health and enhanced their naturally beautiful smiles.

Dental Implants

This patient replaced her metal partial denture for natural, beautiful dental implants. Not only does her smile look beautiful, she also enjoys long term oral health benefits such as improved facial integrity and natural bone regeneration.


Gum Surgery

Gummy smiles can make a patient feel embarrassed of their unbalanced smile. This patient’s teeth used to look too small for her big, beautiful smile. She received a 90-minute gum corrective surgery that visually lengthened the crowns of her teeth for a more balanced smile she enjoys sharing as much as possible.

gum surgery bethesda md

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

This patient’s teeth looked worn and too small for her mouth. She received periodontal plastic surgery to improve the appearance of her smile.


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