Taking Care: Periodontal Health

periodontal dental treatments in Bethesda MarylandThe condition and health of your gums can be indicative of both your oral and systemic health. Healthy gums support the function and structure of the bite and help to protect the teeth from damage or even loss. Bethesda, MD periodontists Dr. Eskow encourage patients to take a proactive approach to taking care of their periodontal health.

Gum Disease and Other Gum Health Concerns

Your gum health is essential for enjoying your optimal oral health. There are several conditions that can affect the appearance, function, and health of your smile. Preventive dental care and early diagnosis can help patients maintain their health and allow for conservative periodontal treatments.

Gum Disease: Gum disease is a highly prevalent bacterial infection of the gums that affects many adult patients. A progressive condition, gum disease also known as periodontal disease, triggers the potential for a whole range of additional oral health conditions. Patients with periodontal disease are more likely to experience tooth loss, gum recession, and bone deterioration. Left untreated, gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of inflammation, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks and strokes.

Treating Gum Disease:
Dr. Eskow and Eskow offer comprehensive treatment for periodontal disease. Treatment will vary depending on the progression of the disease and related oral health concerns. We provide a thorough periodontal evaluation to determine the most conservative treatment plan that will provide optimal results. Treatment options could include antibiotics, scaling & root planing, gum surgery, or other periodontal therapy treatments.

Receding Gum Lines: Gum disease commonly leads to gum recession. As the gum line pulls away from the teeth, it leaves the smile susceptible to tooth decay, infection or bone loss. Receding gums can make the smile look unbalanced and aesthetically displeasing.

Treating Receding Gums: Dr. Eskow offers nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for repairing a receding gum line. Our Bethesda dentist office offers the new minimally invasive “Lunchtime Gumlift” for an effective and safe treatment for receding gums. the Lunchtime Gumlift eliminates the need for incisions and sutures. We also offer traditional gum grafting treatments.

Preventative Periodontal Treatment

A combination of good at home oral hygiene and bi-annual dental check ups and cleanings can help keep patients teeth clean and gums healthy. Preventative dental care is the best thing you can do to maintain the health and well being of the gums. For patients experiencing gum concerns, contact our Bethesda, MD dentist office or schedule a consultation online.