Oral Cancer Screenings For Early Intervention

Did you know that oral cancer is on the rise in America? And that men are at a significantly higher risk of developing oral cancer? With new studies revealing close links between HPV, smoking, alcohol use and the development of oral cancer, it is important for all men and women to receive yearly oral cancer screenings. Bethesda, MD Dental Implant center offers oral cancer screenings during all routine appointments for the well-being of our patients.

Oral Cancer Screening: What To Expect Bethesda, MD

Oral cancer screening is a visual screening of the soft tissues in your mouth. Dr. Eskow will use a special light that can show abnormal cell growth before it is visible to the human eye. Your exam will include an inspection of your oral cavity, throat, lips and face. The evaluation will only take a few minutes and is pain-free.

Many times, patients are unaware they have oral cancer until the later stages of development. Some patients will never experience painful or obvious signs of oral cancer and it often goes undiagnosed. Early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. Always be aware of any changes that occur in your mouth. If they persist for two weeks, call Bethesda Dental Implant Center and schedule a visit.

Oral Cancer: Signs To Watch For

  • Red or white patches on tongue, cheek or gums
  • Small sores
  • Thicker patches of soft tissue
  • Tenderness or pain in lips or gums
  • Numbness in tongue
  • Change in your bite
  • Dental restoration suddenly does not fit
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • The feeling of something stuck in your throat

Preventive Care

Visiting Dr. Eskow at least twice a year can help catch oral cancer early. Encourage your friends and family to visit their dentist twice a year for a screening as well. Oral cancer screenings can be life-saving.

Preventative dentistry can help you avoid a whole range of oral health concerns. Contact our Bethesda, MD dentist office today to schedule your appointment.