Periodontal Treatments for Improved Gum Health

Bethesda periodontists Dr. Roy and Dr. Adam Eskow offer periodontal treatment to both restore gum health and improve the appearance of a “gummy” smile or receding gum line, both of which can dramatically affect the appearance of the smile.

Not only does the health of the gums affect tooth health, the appearance of the gums is a big part of your smile! The gums can make teeth look short, long or unstable if tooth roots are exposed. In the case of receding gums or exposed tooth roots, gum disease may be to blame and should be addressed to avoid permanent damage or tooth loss. Dr. Eskow of the Bethesda Dental Implant Center can diagnose and treat periodontal disease as well as address cosmetic concerns associated with the appearance of the gums.

Dental implants and a corrective gum lift have transformed this patient’s smile.

Cosmetic Gum Treatments

  • Gum Lift: removing excess gum tissue can lengthen the appearance of the teeth
  • Gum Grafting: Dr. Eskow can graft tissue to create a more even gum line or correct receding gums that are exposing tooth roots.
  • Ridge Augmentation: this procedure effectively improves defects in the gum caused by bone loss and shrinkage from tooth loss, injury or trauma. Dr. Eskow may recommend this treatment to ensure a good result for a dental implant or to improve the appearance of the smile.

Dr. Roy and Adam Eskow have over 45 years of combined experience in periodontics and dental implants and dedicate hours annually to continuing education in order to provide the latest treatments and techniques to their patients.

Healthy gums are necessary for supporting healthy teeth! Keep your gums in good health with routine preventive dental care and address concerns promptly to avoid more complex dental problems or permanent damage to the teeth and gums.