B&As of Total Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry can totally change the appearance of a person’s smile. Advancements in dental technology and restoration materials have made dental treatments more natural looking as well as having increased patient comfort and fit.  

Dental implants, periodontal plastic surgery, and gum surgery can improve the health, and aesthetics of a patient’s smile. Our Bethesday Dental implant Center provides personalized and comprehensive smile makeovers helping patients regain the confidence they need to spread happiness with their beautiful smiles. Dr. Roy and Adam Eskow are highly trained and experienced cosmetic and restorative dentists dedicated to restoring oral health, bite stability, and improving smile aesthetics. 

Before & After Smile Makeovers

Here are some real patients of Dr. Eskow’s that are now enjoying beautiful, healthy smiles. These patients received different periodontal services that improved their oral health and enhanced their naturally beautiful smiles.

Dental Implants

This patient replaced her metal partial denture for natural, beautiful dental implants. Not only does her smile look beautiful, she also enjoys long term oral health benefits such as improved facial integrity and natural bone regeneration. 

dental implants bethesda md

Gum Surgery

Gummy smiles can make a patient feel embarrassed of their unbalanced smile. This patient’s teeth used to look too small for her big, beautiful smile. She received a 90-minute gum corrective surgery that visually lengthened the crowns of her teeth for a more balanced smile she enjoys sharing as much as possible. 

gum surgery bethesda md

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

This patient’s teeth looked worn and too small for her mouth. She received periodontal plastic surgery to improve the appearance of her smile. 

periodontal therapy bethesda md

Schedule A Consultation

If you have concerns about the appearance or health of your teeth and gums, contact our Our dental care team is friendly and highly trained providing comprehensive dental care to the Washington, DC area. Our entire staff is dedicated to making sure your visit is truly exceptional. We will guide you through each appointment and explain your treatment options so that you can make the most informed decisions about your dental health. Our staff will assist with all of your financings, dental insurance and billing need to ensure that you make the most of your benefits.

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Taking Care: Periodontal Health

periodontal health bethesda mdThe condition and health of your gums can be indicative of both your oral and systemic health. Healthy gums support the function and structure of the bite and help to protect the teeth from damage or even loss. Bethesda, MD periodontists Drs. Roy and Adam Eskow encourage patients to take a proactive approach to taking care of their periodontal health.

Gum Disease and Other Gum Health Concerns

Your gum health is essential for enjoying your optimal oral health. There are several conditions that can affect the appearance, function, and health of your smile. Preventive dental care and early diagnosis can help patients maintain their health and allow for conservative periodontal treatments.

Gum Disease: Gum disease is a highly prevalent bacterial infection of the gums that affects many adult patients. A progressive condition, gum disease also known as periodontal disease, triggers the potential for a whole range of additional oral health conditions. Patients with periodontal disease are more likely to experience tooth loss, gum recession, and bone deterioration. Left untreated, gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of inflammation, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks and strokes.

Treating Gum Disease:
Drs. Eskow and Eskow offer comprehensive treatment for periodontal disease. Treatment will vary depending on the progression of the disease and related oral health concerns. We provide a thorough periodontal evaluation to determine the most conservative treatment plan that will provide optimal results. Treatment options could include antibiotics, scaling & root planing, gum surgery, or other periodontal therapy treatments.

Receding Gum Lines: Gum disease commonly leads to gum recession. As the gum line pulls away from the teeth, it leaves the smile susceptible to tooth decay, infection or bone loss. Receding gums can make the smile look unbalanced and aesthetically displeasing.

Treating Receding Gums: Dr. Eskow offers nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for repairing a receding gum line. Our Bethesda dentist office offers the new minimally invasive “Lunchtime Gumlift” for an effective and safe treatment for receding gums. the Lunchtime Gumlift eliminates the need for incisions and sutures. We also offer traditional gum grafting treatments.

Preventative Periodontal Treatment

A combination of good at home oral hygiene and bi-annual dental check ups and cleanings can help keep patients teeth clean and gums healthy. Preventative dental care is the best thing you can do to maintain the health and well being of the gums. For patients experiencing gum concerns, contact our Bethesda, MD dentist office or schedule a consultation online.

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Ending the Grind

Do you grind your teeth or clench your jaw? Does the stress of day to day life have you grinding your teeth, even in your sleep? If you wake up with frequent headaches, you may be grinding your teeth and not even realize it. Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow encourage patients who grind or clench their teeth to find help. Bruxism can cause dental trauma, deteriorating your oral health and the function of your bite. Dr. Eskow and Eskow can help you break your teeth grinding habit with precise diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning.

How Can I Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Many patients are frustrated by chronic headaches, jaw pain, and even chronic fatigue, and fill mystified as to why they feel this way. In many cases it may be caused by teeth grinding in the sleep also called, bruxism, can involve both teeth grinding and jaw clenching and most often occurs during sleep. This may leave you asking, “If I am not aware that I’m grinding my teeth, how can I stop it?”

Symptoms of Bruxism

Knowing the symptoms of bruxism can help you start a conversation with your dentist about beginning treatment. The following are common signs you may grind your teeth in your sleep.

  • Frequent dull headache
  • Jaw or neck soreness
  • Painful or loose teeth
  • Cracked teeth

Teeth grinding is commonly related to high levels of stress and anxiety. Sleep disorders, crooked teeth, malocclusion, and TMJ can also contribute to the cause of bruxism. For some patients, life style changes, and stress management may help reduce bruxism. Meditation, relaxation techniques, exercise, yoga, or therapy may help.

In cases where teeth have been damaged or a maloclussion is present, dental teratment may be requried to bring alignment to the bite. Dr. Eskow and Eskow provide personalized and comprhesnive treatment plans to help patinets restore the health of their teeth and gums. Treatment options for bruxism include:

  • Dental crowns
  • Tooth bonding
  • Dental veneers
  • Orthodontics

Schedule A Consultation

Teeth grinding can occur in both adults and children. If you or a loved one is experiencing teeth grinding, contact our Bethesda Dental Implant Center to learn more about how we can help prevent further damage to your oral health. Contact our Bethesda office or schedule your consultation online.

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What Is A Dental Implant?

What is a dental implant? In the most basic sense, a dental implant is a small titanium screw that is used to replace a missing root structure. It is the most natural and effective method of replacing missing teeth. Surgically implanted into the jaw, the dental implant fuses with the bone and mimics a natural root structure for long-term stability and oral health. Once healed, the titanium post is fixed with an abutment that is used to secure a dental restoration for a natural looking and functioning prosthetic tooth. Dr. Eskow and Eskow offer full-service dental implant procedures at Bethesda Dental Implant Center.

dental implant bethesda md

The Anatomy of a Dental Implant

  • Titanium Post: The structural part of the dental implant is the titanium post. This tiny biocompatible post is surgically implanted into the jaw bone at the site of the lost tooth. This post takes 3-6 months to fully heal and integrate with the jaw bone. Once healed, the post becomes a permanent dental restoration that can help decrease the risk further tooth loss, gum disease, and bone recession.
  • Abutment: After the post is healed, Dr. Eskow will attach a small abutment to the top of the post. This abutment will protrude from the gum line and be used to attach the replacement tooth.
  • Replacement Tooth: Whether you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch of missing teeth, dental implants can be used to restore your smile. Dr. Eskow uses the latest in dental materials and technology to fabricate dental restorations that look and feel like natural teeth. Highly durable, dental restorations are stain and decay resistant. Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures are designed to blend seamlessly with your smile for a beautiful result.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Lost teeth can impact your oral health and your quality of life. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants offers a wide range of long term benefits. Dental implants are designed to be a permanent restoration and with proper oral hygiene can last a lifetime.

Schedule A Consultation

Contact our Bethesda, MD Dental Implant Center to learn more about replacing missing teeth. Our dental care team is highly trained and experienced in the replacement of missing teeth. Contact our Bethesda dentist office or schedule a consultation online.

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What is a periodontist?

bethesda md periodontistFor patients experiencing advanced periodontal disease, they may be referred to a periodontist. Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow provide patients with over 40 years combined experience in periodontics. Our patient-focused implant and periodontal dentist office provide comprehensive and personalized treatment for periodontal disease. If you looking for treatment of gum disease, contact our Bethesda, MD periodontist office.

What is a periodontist?

Periodontics is one of the 9 recognized fields of dentistry as noted by the American Dental Association. Periodontists are the dentist who specializes in the health and treatment of dental health concerns that affect the gums. Both Dr.Eskows have undergone an additional 3 years of training to become boar-certified periodontists.

When should I see a periodontist?

You may consider visiting a periodontist if you are experiencing advanced issues with your gums. Gum disease, gummy smiles, or receding gums are all concerns that Dr. Eskow can treat with his highly skilled experience and state of the art technology.

What gum treatments does Bethesda Dental Implant Center offer?

Dr. Eskow believes that a healthy, beautiful and functional smile begins with good gum health. Dr. Eskow offers a range of gum treatments to address a range gum health concerns. We provide patients with a comprehensive oral health exam and gum health analysis. For some patients, multiple procedures may be needed to restore health to the gums and teeth and to help prevent further damage.

Contact Bethesda, MD Periodontist

If you are experiencing cosmetic or health concerns with your gums, Bethesda Dental Implant can help restore your gums. Contact our periodontist office or schedule a consultation online to learn more about which treatments can restore your oral health.

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Do You Know If You Have OSA?

494282527OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, can negatively impact your life. Many patients do not even know they have it because it occurs while you are sleeping. Sleep apnea has been linked to systemic health problems and even death. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you get the help you need for a better nights rest. Dr. Roy and Dr. Adam Eskow offer sleep apnea therapy for their Washington DC area dental patients.

Signs & Symptoms of OSA:

  • Sleepiness or fatigue during the daytime
  • Dry mouth or sore throat upon awakening
  • Headaches in the morning
  • Trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, depression, or irritability
  • Night sweats
  • Restlessness during sleep
  • Snoring
  • Sudden awakenings with a sensation of gasping or choking
  • Difficulty getting up in the mornings

Snoring during sleep should not be overlooked. If you or your partner snore heavily it could be an indicator of other health issues. Not all patients who snore have sleep apnea, but most patients with sleep apnea, do snore. Patients who snore are more likely to be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a condition which causes a patient to stop breathing momentarily during sleep. They stop breathing because their airway becomes blocked, cutting off their oxygen supply. When they resume breathing, the loud snore is the gasp for air. Patients with OSA are at risk of developing irregular heart rhythms and reduced oxygen flow to vital organs, including the brain. Snoring can truly be a sign of a serious long-term health risk.

Treating OSA Bethesda MD

Drs. Eskow of Bethesda Dental Implant Center may recommend oral appliance therapy for OSA patients depending on their personal needs. A snore guard is an oral appliance that is customized to comfortably fit each patient. Snore guards are worn during sleep to help keep the airway open and prevent the loss of oxygen to the body during sleep. Many patients prefer this to the CPAP for its convenience and comfort. Some patients report feeling better after just one night of using their device.

Snoring can be detrimental to your daily life and also present health risks: if you or your partner snore it is important to schedule a consultation with Dr Roy or Adam Eskow in Bethesda. Get the treatment – and relief- you need for a good night’s sleep and a healthy life!

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Washintonian’s Top Periodontsits 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 8.53.08 AMWe are excited to announce that Bethesda Dental Implant Center is the winner of Washingtonian’s Top Periodontists 2017. Our dental team is comprised of two generations of exceptional dental care. With 40 years of combined experienced, our Bethesda, MD dentists Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow provide comprehensive and personalized dentistry.

Comprehensive Dental Care Bethesda, MD

Bethesda Dental Implant Center provides comprehensive implant dentistry. We also provide treatment for gum disease, gum grafting, cosmetic dentistry and oral pathology for our patient’s total dental care. Our patient-focused dentist office is committed to the well-being and comfort of each of our patients. Our compassionate team will make you feel like a part of our dental care family. Our patient’s experiences at Bethesda Dental Implant Center are important to us.

Our Patient’s Talk About Bethesda Dental Implant Center

Not only are these Docs top in their field, they have bedside manners that are equally as impressive. They’re very professional and yet they can present themselves in a down to earth way to ease the patients.The whole practice makes you feel you’re in very capable and caring hands. I highly recommend both Adam and Roy Eskow. Jacqueline H.

I was referred to Dr. Roy Eskow because I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea. The C-Pap machine was not effective for me.

Dr. Eskow meticulously measured my mouth for the Klearway appliance. After the first night of use my husband reported that I did not snore. I am thrilled. This appliance works! Thank you Dr. Eskow! Ann B.

Dr. Adam Eskow and his team are professional as well as kind, humorous, and thoughtful. The grafting operation was successful. They also made it as enjoyable as dental surgery can be. I hope not to need more grafting – ever again – but I will certainly remain with Dr. Eskow and his team for future periodontic work. Pam B.

I had a great experience with Dr. Adam. My gum grafts turned out really well and the process was much less stressful and painful than I thought. Thanks for the wonderful care! I highly recommend Dr. Adam! Beth K.

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To learn what dental care treatments can help restore your oral health, contact our Bethesda dentist office. Restoring health and beauty to your smile can improve your quality of life and give you back your confidence. Oral health is essential to your well-being and Bethesda Dental Implant Center can help you enjoy a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

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Healthy Gums for Beautiful Smiles

Patient Being Examined By DentistHealthy gums help support good oral health and create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing smile. Your gums can make an impact on the visual appearance of your smile. It is important to address any cosmetic concerns you may have about your gums. As is common in dentistry, cosmetic dental concerns are often indicators or the cause of more advanced dental concerns. Whether you have a gummy smile or receding gum line, Bethesda, MD Bethesda Dental Implant Center offers procedures for the treatment of gum concerns.

Gummy Smiles Bethesda, MD

Are your gums all you see when you smile? Some patients have gummy smiles, meaning the gum line sits too low on the teeth. Teeth may appear short and the gums become the unwanted focal point of your smile. Dr. Eskow may recommend a dental crown lengthening procedure to bring your teeth and gums into balance. Also referred to as a gum lift, this procedure will reduce the amount of gum tissue that is exposed making your teeth appear longer. Dr. Eskow is a highly trained and experienced restorative dentist that has a carefully trained eye for facial esthetics. Dr. Eskow will work with you to determine the smile design that will accentuate your best smile and support your optimal oral health.

Gum Recession

The opposite of gummy smiles are smiles with a receding gum line. Receding gums leave too much of the tooth exposed. When left untreated, gums can recede so far that they leave the root of the tooth exposed. This can be painful and cause severe tooth sensitivity and may even result in tooth loss. Bethesda Dental Implant offers a variety of dental procedures that can restore the aesthetics to your smiles. Depending on your personal cosmetic goals and oral health, Dr. Eskow may recommend either the Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation or Gum grafting surgery.

Bethesda Dental Implant Center

Whether you are missing teeth, or have gum health concerns, Bethesda Dental Implant Center is equipped with the latest in dental technology for state of the art treatment. Our highly trained and experienced dental care team can help bring your gums and teeth back into balance for a beautiful, functional and healthy smile. Contact our Bethesda, MD dentist office to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help rejuvenate your smile.

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The Dental Implant Procedure

3d lower teeth and dental implant isolated on whiteDental implants are the go to for missing tooth replacement. The routine dental procedure can provide natural looking results that with proper maintenance can last a lifetime. Dental implants are durable, secure and offer patients a natural looking and feeling smile. Implant secured dental restorations offer the confidence that your denture or bridge will not slip or fall out. Implants can improve the quality of patient’s lives and restore their oral health. Dr. Roy Eskow and Dr. Adam Eskow work together to provide patients in the Bethesda and Washington DC area with quality dental implants for their advanced restorative dental concerns.

Dental Implant Procedure Bethesda, MD

  1. Consultation: You will meet with Dr. Eskow in a one-on-one consultation. Dr. Eskow will listen to your concerns and provide a thorough oral health exam. Together, you, Dr. Eskow and your cosmetic dentist will create a strategic treatment plan that will provide you with a natural and healthy smile.

  2. Placement: Dr. Eskow will surgically place tiny titanium posts into the jaw bone. The dental implant will fuse with the natural bone created a secure and stable bond. The implant acts like a prosthetic root system to help prevent bone deterioration or infection.

  3. Temporary Restoration: It will take your implant a few months to fully heal. During this time, Drs. Eskow will provide a temporary restoration for ease of use. During your healing process, your permanent dental crown, bridge or denture will be custom designed and fabricated.

  4. Final Placement: Once your implant has fully healed and integrated into the bone, your permanent restoration, a dental crown, bridge or denture, will be securely fit and permanently attached.

  5. Maintenance: One of many benefits of dental implants, they require no more maintenance than your natural teeth. Brushing and flossing twice a day, and biannual dental checkups and professional dental cleanings can help your implants last a lifetime. Because your dental restoration is made of porcelain, they can get tooth decay or become discolored. However, dental implants require healthy gum and bone structure to be successful. Oral hygiene is essential in maintaining your natural teeth and dental implants.

Schedule A Consultation

For thorough, comprehensive and compassionate implant dentistry, contact our Bethesda dentist office. Our dental care team will help get you started on your journey to a beautiful, functional and healthy smile.

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Oral Cancer Screenings For Early Intervention

Oral cancer awareness, Bethesda, MDDid you know that oral cancer is on the rise in America? And that men are at a significantly higher risk of developing oral cancer? With new studies revealing close links between HPV, smoking, alcohol use and the development of oral cancer, it is important for all men and women to receive yearly oral cancer screenings. Bethesda, MD Dental Implant center offers oral cancer screenings during all routine appointments for the well-being of our patients.

Oral Cancer Screening: What To Expect Bethesda, MD

Oral cancer screening is a visual screening of the soft tissues in your mouth. Dr. Eskow will use a special light that can show abnormal cell growth before it is visible to the human eye. Your exam will include an inspection of your oral cavity, throat, lips and face. The evaluation will only take a few minutes and is pain-free.

Many times, patients are unaware they have oral cancer until the later stages of development. Some patients will never experience painful or obvious signs of oral cancer and it often goes undiagnosed. Early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. Always be aware of any changes that occur in your mouth. If they persist for two weeks, call Bethesda Dental Implant Center and schedule a visit.

Oral Cancer: Signs To Watch For

  • Red or white patches on tongue, cheek or gums
  • Small sores
  • Thicker patches of soft tissue
  • Tenderness or pain in lips or gums
  • Numbness in tongue
  • Change in your bite
  • Dental restoration suddenly does not fit
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • The feeling of something stuck in your throat

Preventive Care

Visiting Dr. Eskow at least twice a year can help catch oral cancer early. Encourage your friends and family to visit their dentist twice a year for a screening as well. Oral cancer screenings can be life-saving.

Preventative dentistry can help you avoid a whole range of oral health concerns. Contact our Bethesda, MD dentist office today to schedule your appointment.

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